Python short course: Class basics in Python

 Class is crucial for OOP. It can generate many instances of the class object. Think about the Monkey King generating many fake Monkey Kings by pulling his fur in the Journey to the West. Below are a basic class object:


In [2]: class ClassTest:
   ...:     def setdata(self, value):
   ...: = value
   ...:     def display(self):
   ...:         print(

In [3]: class_test = ClassTest()

In [4]: class_test.setdata("I love Python")

In [5]: class_test.display()
I love Python

In [6]: class_test_2 = ClassTest()

In [7]: class_test_2.setdata(12345)

In [8]: class_test_2.display()

Lutz, Mark Learning Python (5th ed.) 2013 O'Reilly: CA p. 1594


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